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About Me


Amber Reneè: A Journey Unbridled

I am Amber Reneè, a passionate 26-year-old equestrian with a story deeply intertwined with the world of horses.

My Journey in the equestrian world began with The United States Pony Club, where I achieved the C2 level.

Over the years, I've competed in Eventing up to the training level and proudly represented The University of Alabama in Western Showmanship at the collegiate level.

Beyond the thrill of competition, horses have been my therapy, guiding lights, and silent companions through life's journey.

A Mission Beyond Riding: Breaking Stereotypes, Building Bridges

As a black female equestrian, my path in this industry was often a solitary one. Yet, it fueled a mission — a mission to break stereotypes, shatter barriers, and build bridges toward a more inclusive equestrian world. That is why I want to have equestrian team at an HBCU. It is the first step towards creating a safe space for riders of color in the equine industry.


Join the Journey:
Your Story, Our Tapestry

This is not just the story of Amber Reneè; it's the story of every rider who has ever felt the wind in their hair atop a horse. It's a tale of passion, diversity, and the unspoken language shared between humans and horses. Join us at Renee Equestrian, where your story becomes a vibrant thread in the rich tapestry of our equestrian community.

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