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Welcome To
Renee Equestrian

Join us in fostering diversity and inclusivity in the equestrian world.

Let's Ride Towards a Brighter Equestrian Horizon!

Hello, fellow horse enthusiasts! I'm Amber Reneè, a spirited 26-year-old equestrian, and I invite you to embark on a journey with me through the captivating world of Renee Equestrian.


Our Story

A Bond Beyond Bridles

My love for riding began at the tender age of 8, navigating the thrilling circuits of Eventing and proudly donning the colors of The University of Alabama in Western Showmanship.

Horses, for me, are not just majestic creatures; they are therapeutic companions and carriers of lifelong values.

Breaking Barriers, Celebrating Diversity

As a black female equestrian, my journey unfolded against the backdrop of a lack of representation. This ignited my determination to cultivate a more diverse equestrian community. Renee Equestrian is dedicated to starting the first IHSA collegiate HBCU equestrian team.


Join the Ride:
Together We Gallop, Together We Soar

Renee Equestrian isn't just a platform; it's a community. A community bound by the love for horses, united in the pursuit of inclusivity.


Join me, Amber Reneè, and riders from diverse backgrounds as we gallop towards a future where passion, purpose, and diversity thrive in harmony.

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